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Name: Julian

Pronounced: " Jule - Ian "

Full Name: Julian Garrett Canaan

Voice Actor: Jenn Taylor

Age: 6 Years 

Cause of Death: None

Breed/Species: Trico/Barn Owl

Gender: Female

Birthday: November 4th

Sexuality: Demisexuel(Asexual)

Languages spoken: Trico(American/English)

Parents: Omaha and Mariana Canaan(Both are Deceased)

Sibling(s): Jackson, Unknown (Jackson isn't Deceased, but the other 8 are)

Relationship: None

Offspring: None

Fertility: 70%

Tribe: Painted Blood Moon Tribe

Rank: Leader

Personality: Sarcastic, Pessimistic, Sassy, Aggressive, Intelligent, Understandable, Skeptical, Untrustworthy, Hateful, Impatient, Dangerous, and Loyal.

Likes: Sleeping, Killing, Blood, Snakes, Kids, Cats, Dogs/Wolves/, Kookie, Asher, Lee, Electronic Swing, Punk Rock, Sarcasm, Darkness, and Blue Fire.

Dislikes: Rude people, Lance and Becky,The word "Daddy's Pet", Love, Sounds like Crying or Laughter, and Leafless Trees.

Fears/Phobias: Closed Spaces, and Spiders.

Appearance: Agouti Grey Feathered Female with Turquoise eyes.
Corrupted Appearances: Orange and Midnight Blue Barn Owl with Red Painted on Fringes of Flight feathers, Tail feathers, and Cross Chest- Red eyes.

Accessories(Corrupted) : Silver Metal Mask(Covers most of the face), Wing Armor that covers original Wings, and Gray Sharp Battle Claws.

Theme song: I'm So Sorry- Imagine Dragons
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