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Name: Raven

Pronounced: " Rei- Vin "

Full Name: Raven Nightquill Sky

Voice Actor{Young}: Tara Strong
Voice Actor{Older}: Abbie Cornish

Age: 11 Months(Youngest)

Cause of Death: None

Breed/Species : Cat/Yukon Wolf/Husky/Night Vangol/Barn Owl Hybrid

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 16th

Sexuality: Asexual(More Pansexual)

Languages spoken: Cat(American/Australian/English)

Parents: Athena and Santo Sky(Both are Deceased)

Sibling(s): Ashkii, Ahanu, and Ayita Sky

Love interest: Rick

Relationship: None

Offspring: None

Fertility: 24%

Personality: Often seen hiding under rocks or bushes, Raven is Introverted yet Energetic, Short-Tempered, Reckless, Joyful, Independent, Having a good sense of humor, and Sarcastic. Her Flaw is that she is too Shy and it's hard for her to Speak up, but if someone messes with her siblings, she'll go to a 0% to a 100% real quick from Anger... but that's rare for her. She's one of those kits who rather stay their distance from trouble, then conflict or be conflicted in a Argument or Fight. Ever since the incident with her Broken Spine, she became Depressed, but soon warmed up to Rick.

Likes: Being Alone, Sleeping, Darkness, Adventures, Dreaming, her Siblings and Mother, Playing with Fish, Strawberries, Fireflies, Rick, and Alternative Rock.

Dislikes: Thunder/Lightning, Rain, Being woken up in the middle of the night, Kozei, Puma, Flamingwing, Nukpana, Rogues, Killers, Light, Heat, Butterflies, Birds, Liars, and Strangers.

Fears/Phobias: Isolation and Water

Appearance: A White, Slender, Lithe Female cat with Black Rosetted Markings(Purple inside rosettes), Broken Spine, Dark Gray Stripes, Black Forearms/Backpaws, Black Nose, Black tail(Full), Dark Grey ears(Full) with Black tips, Black freckles on her Cheek, and inoperable back legs- Purple Eyes.

Theme Song: One Woman Army- Porcelain Black
RaccoonFlight Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
She is so precious :3
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